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#5ThingsWIP for Those Who Create and Destroy 

for !

1. It's a collab with my partner @dontdoitneil that we've been working on since 2016. 💖

2. It's character-focused-yet-action-packed epic-length urban fantasy (a genre we're calling "switchblade-and-sorcery," just cus we like the sound of it 😎).

3. Big themes are healthy-vs.-toxic masculinity (as embodied by transmasc protagonist Jules vs. his former abuser, Hunter), PTSD, nihilism, redemption, and alchemy as a metaphor for self-realization (as well as a kickass magic fighting style a la FMA 🙏💥 💨 ).

4. Every major character is queer af. (Even the ones you don't expect!) :blobcat_gay:

5. You can read it now! The full Part 1 is online and also downloadable as EPUB/PDF, and chapters of Part 2 are published every Monday and Friday (new chapter coming out tomorrow!):

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long intro ✍️ selfie 🤪 

Posting up a new because I just consolidated accounts (and hopefully didn't lose any of you in the process)! 🙏

You can call me Em (they/them). 👋 ​ My partner @dontdoitneil and I write stories of survival and modern sorcery, inspired by action-adventure series like Revolutionary Girl Utena, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Fate, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Devilman Crybaby, and Arcane: League of Legends.

You can follow the hashtag to keep up to date on our epic switchblade-and-sorcery novel, which we publish on in biweekly chapter installments. (We're currently releasing Part 2. You can download the ebook of the complete Part 1 here: 📖)

Here on, I share a lot of excerpts from my , thoughts on , , , , mysticism and radical thought paradigms, and occasional .

I came to a couple weeks ago with the latest and have been amazed by all the creative and fascinating people here. I'm really enjoying getting to know you all, especially the many of you who are into kickass and deeply personal queer stories, and even creating your own! 🤝

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thoughts on gender, masculinity 

It's always so cool discovering the themes in your own work that you didn't know you were expressing at the time. was mostly written in 2016/17, when I hadn't yet questioned my default identity as a cis woman. The character of Jules immediately captivated me, and I know now that he was calling me toward an undiscovered aspect of my self that I would later embrace. Also to my eventual conviction that a new, healthy paradigm of masculinity is destined to emerge from among the very people the current dominant one has oppressed—hence the theme I mentioned briefly here:

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Fabiana tries to convince Rory his powers could be used for vigilante justice (link to new chapter of Those Who Create and Destroy, character portrait with eye contact) 

#WritingWonders day 3 What is something you’re knowledgeable about that you include in your stories?

I don't have any expert knowledge included in my WIP, but if we talk about the things I wrote based on my experiences, the equivalent of police are brutal abusive sadists (thank you, Belarus), activists suffer a lot for their actions, there is non-violent direct action & some linguistic stuff, like tribes living nearby able to understand each other even though their languages sound different.

3. #WritingWonders

Write what you know. What is something you're knowledgeable about that you include in your stories?

Lots of things:
✨️Polish culture, language, and lore
✨️Healthcare (emergency medicine, trauma, illnesses, etc)
✨️Love, relationships, and marriage
✨️Dysfunctional families
✨️Loss and grief

Fabi and Rory's shoplifting adventure in the As Seen on TV store; swearing, sexual innuendo (excerpt from the latest chapter of Those Who Create and Destroy) 

(From Chapter 26, linked below. A prime example of how TWCAD has turned out to be an ode to the aughts. 😆)

“Hell fucking no, girl. Potty Putter’s way too big.”

“You’re right, you’re right. Guessing you’re rusty at this. I’ll go easier on ya.” Fabi rambled ahead, then slowed to a halt beside the endcap, staring, enraptured. “Rory. Rory.” Her hand flapped wildly by her side, waving him over. He joined her.

On the screen of a little TV, a smiling woman gripped a dumbbell in both hands as it thrust suggestively up and down in her grip.

“What…the fuck,” whispered Rory.

Fabi bounced around in a circle, heaving into her cupped hands, eyeliner-stained tears of joy running down her cheeks.

Rory stifled a giggle of his own. “Wow.” He picked up the display model, switched it on. Posed for Fabi while holding it perpendicular to one side of his face, pushing out the opposite cheek with his tongue in sync with the repetitive motion.

“This is the one. This is the one.” Fabi ran in place, punched him on the arm. “Do it, Rory. Fulfill your destiny, Rory: Shoplift the Shake Weight.”

Day 3!

I'm knowledgeable about psychology and especially the psychology of complex trauma, and this deeply informs characterization and character arcs in .

Good morning/afternoon/evening/timezone!

Today's #microPrompt: DETRITUS

Reply with:

+ A story that contains the prompt word (derivations and tense changes ok), or
+ An excerpt from your current WIP that contains the prompt word.

The only rules: keep it to a single toot and be sure to check out the other replies!

#amWriting #writingCommunity

The paradox that there is no past/present/future—there's only now—but that every story we tell about ourselves and the world has a beginning, middle and end

#WritingWonders day 2 — If you could live in your fictional world, would you? Why or why not?

I would! The technologically advanced part of the world is green and comes close to solarpunk in some aspects. The wild part is full of different tribes, and my experience would depend on where I'd be born but most of them would be just fine. A chance to experience hunter-gatherer life 😁

Of course, I wouldn't leave Earth because of all the people I love. I'm quite attached to the planet itself too 🧡

Hi! I write sci-fi and fantasy. Currently writing book three, The Ruined, of my future ice age #FindingHumanitySeries. If you like climate fiction, a diverse cast, sci-fi with a twist of mysticism, and enemies forced to work together, this may be the series for you.
Other interests:
#cats #animals #nature #arctic #astronomy #science #trees #neurodiversity #yoga #meditation #consciousness #aliens #history #mythology #folklore #fae #scifi #reading #fantasy #paranormal #shifters #homesteading

Day 2!

I feel like I already at least half-live in the world of ... :blobcat_think: So yes, I think I'd live in it!

It's magical and vibrant and has serious problems—all things that are also true of this world. In many ways I see it as holding up a mirror to this one.

#WritingWonders Day 1: Introducing Those Who Create and Destroy, an epic tale of queer survival and modern sorcery ✨ 

Day 1! Because I missed it. 🙃

I'll be talking about , an epic tale of queer survival and modern magic set in a switchblade-and-sorcery late-aughts metro Chicago. It's action-packed, cosmic-yet-personal, grim-yet-hopeful, and deals with themes of dysphoria, intimacy, sexual trauma, redemption, and self-realization on both low and high blender settings.

You can read Part 1 free here:

Part 2 is now available for early download on our Patreon:

And Part 3 is WIP! My partner/collaborator @dontdoitneil and I will be releasing the complete epic-length novel free to all online once it's finished.

I'll give #WritingWonders a go, as it will help me as I plan more of this WIP.

I'll be talking about 'Hand of Night', a #fantasy tale featuring a badass female MC who has to save a country from the machinations of a princeling more than content to murder his own family to ascend to the crown; a #trans sellsword who MC trusts to aid her; and a mysterious old lady who talks to animals and can render you unconscious with a few short words.

#MastoWriters #AmWriting

#WritingWonders Day 1: WIP Intro

I will be (theoretically) working on book 4 of my #paranormalromance series, Youkai Bloodlines, a vampire-ish series set in Japan. I've been struggling through this one, honestly, so hopefully this event will stir up my motivation.

#bookstodon #queerbooks #vampirebooks #darkromance

#WritingWonders Day 1:

My WIP is a small town sapphic romance with hints of the paranormal. It follows a woman in her late 30s and awkward navigation of the dating scene.

She's very much a late bloomer, in that the idea of romance was something fun to daydream about ("It's on my to-do list."), but ultimately work and looking out for her father were far more important.

It's essentially a story about self-discovery, just not in the way the MC expected.

Introducing #WritingWonders.

If you miss the writing hashtag games from the bird app, then come join @BranwenOShea, @AlinaLeonova and myself next month as we talk about our WIPs and learn more about our stories.

All are welcome to play. Answer whatever questions you like and feel free to skip the ones you don't. Just use the #WritingWonders hashtag to participate.🙂

#amwriting #writers #WritersLife #writing #WritingCommunity

Happy #FlashFicFriday! 🥳

Today I'd like to share my dark #fantasy story, "Untimely Frost, Unlikely Bloom", best described as "Snow White meets Typhoid Mary":

"He hesitates to kill me because I am a woman, and I hesitate to stop him because I am tired of being the only one who walks away.

But in the end I have soaked in too much of the forest; its strength has become my strength, and I share its desire to live."

Full here:

#flashfiction #writing #writingcommunity

Ah family holiday activities, reminding me how important it is to accept all the contradictory ways I can feel about Stuff

The girl hits the road (excerpt from Those Who Create and Destroy, Part 3) 

(Re: today's
, courtesy of @crtaxon ✨)

She stood just within the highway-facing edge of an endless field of cornstalks more than twice her height, pushing the toe of her boot around in the dirt, feeling like she’d stepped out of her stolen Dodge hatchback onto the surface of an alien planet. Her life up till now had been lived among concrete, brick, and chrome, in an unrelenting haze of exhaust. She couldn’t remember ever being anywhere this quiet and clear, where she could actually hear herself think. It was a stark reminder how many things there were in this world that she’d never seen, never experienced. Of how much she still didn’t understand, even about herself.

ok I guess I'll still do these. I love hearing everyone's responses anyway

Good morning/afternoon/evening/timezone!

Today's #microPrompt: CONCRETE

Reply with:

+ A story that contains the prompt word (derivations and tense changes ok), or
+ An excerpt from your current WIP that contains the prompt word.

The only rules: keep it to a single toot and be sure to check out the other replies!

#amWriting #writingCommunity


"Ribbons" (4,200 words) in @UncannyMagazine (Jan/Feb 2022) is my trans take on the green ribbon tale and one of the most personal things I've written.

#trans #transFiction #queerSFF #shortfiction @shortsff

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Fabiana tries to convince Rory his powers could be used for vigilante justice (link to new chapter of Those Who Create and Destroy, character portrait with eye contact) 

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