thoughts on gender, masculinity 

It's always so cool discovering the themes in your own work that you didn't know you were expressing at the time. was mostly written in 2016/17, when I hadn't yet questioned my default identity as a cis woman. The character of Jules immediately captivated me, and I know now that he was calling me toward an undiscovered aspect of my self that I would later embrace. Also to my eventual conviction that a new, healthy paradigm of masculinity is destined to emerge from among the very people the current dominant one has oppressed—hence the theme I mentioned briefly here:

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thoughts on gender, masculinity 

@emrys Had a similar experience with my own writing. Turns out there's long, coherent, unintentional metaphor for the supernatural as gender that I definitely didn't think about at all when I was writing lol. Always knew something wasn't right but figured out I was nb only in the editing phase.

thoughts on gender, masculinity 

@nebulos That's awesome! I'm so interested in hearing more about that metaphor of the supernatural as gender.

thoughts on gender, masculinity 

@emrys Is this an invitation to ramble about my book? If so, I'm gonna take it!

Erika's is pretty straightforward--she's an Empath struggling with distinguishing herself from others and a big yawning void instead of a sense of self, which is a lot how I felt pre-transition.

Then we have Sebastian, who's an Augur (ie a prophet) in denial, who must eventually come to terms with yes, the supernatural affects his life, which is a bit of that post-transition blues.

thoughts on gender, masculinity 

@emrys I have art and writing if you wanna check it out! Though the bits of my novel need to be updated to the latest draft:

re: thoughts on gender, masculinity 


It's always so cool discovering the themes in your own work that you didn't know you were expressing at the time.

So true! This happens more often than we think! For example, the author of Celeste (the game) was surprised by the fact that Madeline (the protagonist) was seen as a trans icon. Later, it turned out that the author was trans. (In particular, the antagonism between the protagonist and her other self behind the mirror was something that many of us trans folks identified with).

I've also noticed this so much in my own writing. I was always fascinated with lesbian relationships - they seemed so natural to me for a reason and I loved to write about them; I never knew why. I always felt ashamed of it while thinking it was some kind of fetish until I found out I was a transbian. "Ah, so that explains it!" :blobidea:

Guess we can never run away from our subconscious.

re: thoughts on gender, masculinity 

@yuki2501 "Guess we can never run away from our subconscious." So true! That really is the whole joy of creative work I think, the conversation with the inner "other" and the surprising things we learn about ourselves ✨

re: thoughts on gender, masculinity 

@yuki2501 do you might if I boost this, btw?

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