I'm reeeally forgetful so going through old journal entries is always illuminating. From June:

"There’s no point building metanarratives. They are obsolete the second they’re completed. How the universe works does not matter to me, nor to the universe itself. It just wants to live my human life."

[2/?] religious imagery 

From July:

"God turning his back on Christ on the cross is dissociation."



And it just kinda hit me that this exact idea plays out in Part 3 of .

Weird to look back and notice the patterns that spontaneously emerge in your life and work

[4/?] religious imagery 


Also July:

"But in the end it’s not accurate that the past and future are not real. They simply are not what we /think/ they are. We fix the image of them—but they are much more fluid and amorphous things than what the abstracting mind projects them to be. The body knows better. The heart knows better. These know things and experiences for exactly what they are."

"The true Antichrist is abandonment of our visceral truth."

"Head awakening destroys illusion. Heart awakening restores reality."

"Death is experienced only by the living."

"Happiness without sadness is hollow. I love this aliveness inside me, just as much when it is sad as when it’s happy."




“When you speak, speak in poetry. Dance circles with words. There’s nothing to say and nothing to be told. No telling. Just word-song.”

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