Day 25!

Hey, I hope y'all are well and your WIPs are flowing! Just gonna jump back in there with today's question, and I look forward to catching up on what everyone's working on. 😊

A reader some time back made a TV Tropes page for (thanks, Bly and others who've edited this... I love the page, and you're seriously saving me some brainwork and typing today! 🙏):

For me personally, the single trope that most comes to mind is sekaikei (though this characterizes the whole series more so than this one book, and depending on your definition we might be subverting the hell out of it). In any case, characters' personal relationships and psychological developments very much entwine with and reflect events on the cosmic level, while society fails to provide support and ultimately crumbles around them.


· · Web · 2 · 6 · 19 @dontdoitneil I'm sure the numbers will grow overtime 😊 But also, having a small number of hardcore fans is such a cool thing! You deserve it 🧡

@AlinaLeonova @dontdoitneil Thank you! 💛 It's always fun having even just one person get into it enough to want to talk about it and provide perspectives we might not have thought of (speaking of which, one reader a day or two ago called it sci-fi, which made me go 🤔❓ as I had definitely never considered it that way 😄). @dontdoitneil Yeah, I wouldn't think of it as sci-fi either, but the lines between certain genres often get blurred 😁

@AlinaLeonova @dontdoitneil Indeed! I just hope no one goes in expecting the references to real-world science to be super accurate... 😬 @dontdoitneil I think the description of the book is pretty clear — I wouldn't expect hard sci-fi accuracy from it 😁 @AlinaLeonova @dontdoitneil I think I would be quite happy with one reader taking enough interest to want to talk about something I've written. In a lot of ways I prefer the idea of a small group of enthusiastic readers. Of course first I have to actually finish something and put it in a place where people can see it, but I'm not in a big rush for that.

@Saposcat @AlinaLeonova @dontdoitneil Small and enthusiastic does seem ideal in some ways, maybe mainly because then you can really interact with readers on a personal level. And yeah, can't rush the process, can we? 🙂 @AlinaLeonova @dontdoitneil When I think about why I write, it's mostly in hopes of connecting in some way with other people. Part of the reason I'm not in a hurry is recognizing that it takes as long as it takes, but I also have to admit that I struggle with worries about no one at all wanting to read it, or the inevitable fact that if people do read it, not all of them will like it. That's writing though.

@Saposcat @dontdoitneil I think most writers (if not everyone) struggle with this fear, but most of us find people who want to read our stuff in the end. You do your best to tell your story, you connect with people, and someone takes interest 😊 And there is a 100% guarantee that not everyone will like it, but that's impossible to avoid, so we just have to learn to deal with it 😅

long rambly response 🙃 

@AlinaLeonova @Saposcat @dontdoitneil I agree with everything you said, Alina! 🙏

Sharing my writing with others used to be a physically agonizing experience. I really feel you in terms of writing to connect with others—that connection is something I always hope for when I share my writing. And at the same time it's made all the difference for me to decide that I will write first and foremost to connect with myself, and to make what I express through my writing so absolutely authentic to my unique perspective and experience that no one else's rejection of it could ever convince me that it is (or I am) bad.

Truth, after all, isn't good or bad. It's just truth. So I write my truth, and I reckon some people will think it's god-awful, but hopefully some people will vibe with it (and when you're truthful, usually someone somewhere does, even if it takes a while to find them). And thanks in part to this perspective, I now find it much easier to share my creative work with others and to tolerate being ignored or rejected. I'm loyal to my truth first, and I know that other people not resonating with it doesn't mean it's wrong. It just means their life experiences have been different from mine.

TL;DR - If I measure my work by its authenticity to my experience, then no one will ever be in a proper position to judge it other than me. And I vibe with the stuff I write 100%. 🙂

long rambly response 🙃 @Saposcat @dontdoitneil I like this approach, and I agree that being true to yourself can be helpful and empowering 😊 I also believe that when you write so truthfully, you will definitely connect with people who have similar experiences or views, so it's a win-win 🧡

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