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Good morning/afternoon/evening/timezone!

Today's #microPrompt: UNITE

Reply with:

+ A story that contains the prompt word (derivations and tense changes ok), or
+ An excerpt from your current WIP that contains the prompt word.

The only rules: keep it to a single toot and be sure to check out the other replies!

#amWriting #writingCommunity

My latest book, a sapphic PNR set in a small town. Available on KU and paperback.

If you're a fan of vampires, witches, shifters, and polyamory:

#SelfPromotion #SapphicBooks #LGBTRomance #vampires #ParanormalRomance

(New #introduction because I migrated from .lol)

I'm Silver, a #transmasc #nonbinary and #bisexual person in Alberta. I don't do much these days due to burnout, but I do like playing #CloneHero and #GuitarHero in general. (I'm also an anarchist)

My musical obsession for the past 3 years has been #TheMarsVolta. I generally like to nerd out about my music library, though I would love to hear more about yours!

Also, I'm trying to learn more about both #cPTSD and #AuDHD for self-dx purposes.


Found some cool people to follow through #5ThingsWip, and now I'll share mine 😁
1. Two species of humans
2. A mythical animal making music with its entire body
3. Activists and non-hierarchical movements
4. Shamanic ceremonies with mind-altering plants and mushrooms
5. Real friendships
#5ThingsAboutMyWIP #scifi

Jules does self-care after a run-in with his former abuser (excerpt from Those Who Create and Destroy) 

(From Chapter 18 of . Jules, an alchemist and mystic, has his refuge in the substrate of reality, beneath and beyond the world of forms. Re: No. 22, courtesy of @wordswithnima ✨)

He stumbled over to the door; shut it; locked it; then slumped back against it and sank to the floor.

After a few more ragged breaths, he let out a sudden, sharp shriek, bunched his scarf, and scrubbed furiously at his neck.

He sagged then, closed his eyes; let his head come to rest against the door frame. Outside, the wind seemed to be picking up. Jules’s heart skipped a beat as a tree branch slapped a nearby window.

After a moment of breathless silence, his trembling left hand alighted palm-down on the rug. A calm washed through him as the bounds of his being dissolved; as webs of light bloomed before his inner eye, and arpeggios soared through his brain.

Long ramblin' thoughts about themes of trauma, gender, patriarchy in TWCAD 

I've mentioned before that has themes of masculinity, healthy vs. toxic, but was talking with @dontdoitneil last night and realizing how much it also exposes and seeks to process the deep trauma of being classed as female in a patriarchal world (as embodied by Jules, who is transmasculine and best represents my personal perspective).

I think healthy masculinity cherishes and protects the feminine in itself and in others as well. Seeking to carve out agency in a male-dominated world, Jules makes himself the man and the hero he would have wanted on his side in his darkest hours, but only for others, failing to realize he can also be a hero for the neglected and violated parts of himself. Reclaiming his own abandoned vulnerability is a major arc for him in this book.

Jules is of course negotiating his femininity from the perspective of someone socialized female who has built his personal definition of masculinity from the ground up. Many of the male-socialized characters, by contrast, are approaching femininity from the angle of having had certain definitions of masculinity forced on them, including Rory, who doesn't much identify with being male, and Cyrano and Hunter, who very much do.

The defining trait of patriarchy, I think, is its punishing and exploiting of vulnerability, its defining value the dominion of the strong over the weak. Men, who are supposedly strong, over women, who are supposedly weak, is just one of many ways this manifests. As bell hooks famously put it, “The first act of violence that patriarchy demands of males is not violence toward women. Instead patriarchy demands of all males that they engage in acts of psychic self-mutilation, that they kill off the emotional parts of themselves.” TWCAD explores this violence and its consequences in its extreme manifestations via Cyrano, a male-socialized person who fails to destroy his vulnerability but can only tolerate it by subjecting it to shame and violent abuse, and Hunter, a male-socialized person who has so successfully vanquished his own vulnerability that he can only connect with it through his fetishistic obsession with exploiting the vulnerability of others.

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Good morning/afternoon/evening/timezone!

Today's #microPrompt: TOUCH

Reply with:

+ A story that contains the prompt word (derivations and tense changes ok), or
+ An excerpt from your current WIP that contains the prompt word.

The only rules: keep it to a single toot and be sure to check out the other replies!

#amWriting #writingCommunity


Prompt 22: When your protagonist hits rock bottom, when it seems like they're losing, where do they go? What does their refuge look like? What items or memories does it hold? How does this help them move forward?

#NaNoWriMo #WritingPrompts #WritingCommunity #AmWriting

Jules held her closer, sighed. He wanted more than anything to just keep rambling on wherever the conversation took them. Have one of their giddy all-nighters, talk about all the stupid things they would have done together as kids in some awesome otherworld where their spheres had overlapped sooner and for wildly different reasons.

Unfortunately, he’d come here tonight with a purpose.

Welcome to the #Promptodon #WritingPrompt

Today's Prompt (11/21):


New Prompts Daily! Write us some fiction using the Word, or the Image of the day (or get tricky and use both!)

Include the Hashtag, or respond to this post so we can find and enjoy your work!

Please Boost this even if you are not writing so we can find more participants!! (thank you!)

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Image by Craig Adderley; pexels

A story I submitted has a publication date!
Put it on your calendar to check Flash Fiction Magazine on January 14th!!

#Bookstodon (it's #Flash, not a book, but maybe some readers wanna check it out anyway...)

Been loving all the #5ThingsWIP posts, so here's mine. This is for a novel I'm working on at turtle pace and which I will not complete any time soon lol.

1) It's a fantasy world loosely informed by South Asian cultures and societies.

2) Everyone's queer.

3) My main character is what I call an Embellisher, and xe's excellent at it but doesn't know just how much.

4) Magic is interwoven with spirituality and the land.

5) A lot of mangoes are stolen and eaten.


Tonight's a night for reading instead of writing/editing. On trauma and restoring wholeness, from The Myth of Normal by Gabor Maté MD.

Time for another ! I've decided to use this hashtag from here on out in case you want to play, too. The WPG is a modified form of writing sprint.

Here's how it works:
I put a playlist on.
I start writing.
Every time the song changes, I copy and paste the last 1-2 lines I wrote to this thread.

My attention span is so short that having the additional stimulus of racing against 3-5 minute songs to have new posting material really helps.

Keep all replies unlisted and CW to avoid overwhelming your local feed and followers.

So let's go!

Here as twitter devolves. Poetry, CNF, queer lit. They/them

mh+, thoughts on romance after healing 

It's been...going on four years? And I can't visualize the next romantic relationship I'll have with another person. I think it could be nice to have one, but I have no checklist or concept of what I would want it to look like, cus having now connected so many sides of myself I feel like all the emotional support roles I used to try to stuff other people into are filled

There's somebody from a while back I'd still be interested in another shot with. It would be complicated, probably, but an adventure I might like to have. But who knows...? The future is a mystery, just like it always has been, and that no longer troubles me at all.

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