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So caught up working on Part 3 we forgot to put up Chapter 39 yesterday as scheduled. It'll be going up today, so please stay tuned! 🙏

A note to #WritingWonders friends! 

Hey friends, we'll see how I do keeping up over the next few days... Sometimes I go into this really submerged creative headspace, and that has been starting to happen over the past day or two, so I think I need to roll with it. Those of you who follow me might notice me "channeling" (read: posting introspective galaxy-brain-type shit) more than interacting during this time—though I will probably still interact here and there, especially if you @ me! And behind the scenes I'll be deep in my WIP.

I love the community that's forming here and look forward to catching up on all the awesome creative stuff you're all sharing whenever I get back in a more consistently social kinda headspace. :blobcat_love:

Some further thoughts on accepting "reality as it is" 

Someone commented on this last toot of mine in a way that made me think maybe I need to give a little bit of context, so! That context is below (and I'm grateful, because I think I reminded myself of some things while exploring this):

On the importance of accepting “reality as it is”:

Choice requires consciousness. Consciousness requires becoming aware of heretofore-unconscious/automated belief patterns and the energies (emotions) that are bound up in those patterns, which result from conditioning and constitute what we might call a reality-not-chosen. Acknowledging/Making conscious the hidden inner workings of the reality-not-chosen is what enables us to free our energy from its preconditioned patterns, and in the ensuing empty possibility space we find that we have the power to assign meaning consciously (create a new reality).

This is a process that repeats itself perpetually, seeing as the act of creation in itself fragments the empty possibility space that is pure consciousness, relegating portions of it to the unconscious, where they must then develop in a way that's automatic/not chosen until they again rise to the surface of consciousness.

There's a common misconception that acceptance of "reality as it is" involves denial of feelings, but in truth feelings are a facet of reality and must be included. Otherwise we're still seeing only part of the picture.

I'd even argue that in the present prevailing culture feelings are the aspect of reality that's most habitually denied.

Going over the outline and realizing that most of the events of Part 3—which is in itself the length of a short novel—take place in one day. :blobCatGogglyEyes:

Some thoughts on faith and the creative process 

Reflecting today on the role faith plays in a long-term creative project, like a novel—one that has so many moving parts the conscious mind can't possibly hold them all at once—and how every step of the way there's this uncertainty that it'll all come together in the end, but if you just persist and let yourself be swept along one day you wake up and it's done and you find yourself wondering how you did it.

I used to be a product-over-process person—impatient, perfectionistic, fixated on the finish line—and paradoxically the only thing that's allowed me to become someone who *actually finishes things* is learning to savor the excitement in uncertainty and surrender to the joy of the process.

Anyway, push past expectations, break conventions, write weird stories

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Calling on my #WritingWonders buddies and #WritingCommunity

I've thought about a title for my WIP a bit more, and I've got a few ideas. Please help me pick one, because I suck at this 😅 😂 🙏

What do you think would work best for a sci-fi book set on a different planet that's a bit cyberpunk, a bit solarpunk, a bit ecofiction & a bit social?

#writing #amwritingscifi #scifi #writers

Good morning/afternoon/evening/timezone!

Today's #microPrompt: URGENT

Reply with:

+ A story that contains the prompt word (derivations and tense changes ok), or
+ An excerpt from your current WIP that contains the prompt word.

The only rules: keep it to a single toot and be sure to check out the other replies!

#amWriting #writingCommunity

Day 14!

This prompt raises questions about the very nature of identity. 😅

Both Rory and Jules are pretty straight shooters, each in their own way. They're both also highly multifaceted, so they show different sides of themselves to different people. Jules is generally more deliberate, tactful, and strategic, while Rory's more apt to express his feelings spontaneously. But both are largely very sincere.

Good morning/afternoon/evening/timezone!

Today's #microPrompt: TACIT

Reply with:

+ A story that contains the prompt word (derivations and tense changes ok), or
+ An excerpt from your current WIP that contains the prompt word.

The only rules: keep it to a single toot and be sure to check out the other replies!

#amWriting #writingCommunity


From Ch. 18:

Elisha paused with his back to the doorframe, peered past it into the gutted sanctuary. The frescoed ceiling yawned open overhead. The room was mostly cast in dim moonlight, fire-glow dancing on the walls at the far end near the front. A graffiti-covered fluted column blocked his view of the altar—but he could see what could only be a human shadow dancing and stuttering in the glitchy orange light, while the howls and shrieks and laughter carried on.

Laird Barron is very sick and in hospital. As a full-time writer he's without health insurance in America's horrible system. He needs our help. Laird is a wonderful writer, a huge supporter of others, and a great friend to many of us. Please donate if you can and please share whether you're able to donate or not.

Good morning/afternoon/evening/timezone!

Today's #microPrompt: SANCTUARY

Reply with:

+ A story that contains the prompt word (derivations and tense changes ok), or
+ An excerpt from your current WIP that contains the prompt word.

The only rules: keep it to a single toot and be sure to check out the other replies!

#amWriting #writingCommunity

#WritingWonders Day 12! What Jules and Hunter have in common (a bit NSFW, misgendering, character portraits with eye contact)) 

Day 12! (Making a little thread with this one and Day 11, since they're related.)

Going with Jules for comparison here, since Hunter is specifically his nemesis, and on the surface they don't have anything in common—which made it really illuminating to explore what they do:

-both are alchemists (Hunter because he's following in his famous father's footsteps, Jules because alchemy is his passion)
-both are from privileged families that place high expectations on them
-both have unresolved daddy issues
-both are perfectionists who hold themselves to impossible standards
-both desire power and respect


-both have body modifications that make them very dangerous
-both are queer (though Hunter won't acknowledge he is, even when he's balls deep in another cis guy* [Hunter's also known from the start to be obsessed with Jules, a trans guy, but persists in believing Jules is a woman])

I'll only briefly mention what Rory (other protag) and Hunter have in common because it's more obvious and thematic to the book: male socialization. Rory is a male-socialized person who despises toxic masculinity (and later in the series ends up not identifying as male at all), while Hunter embraces toxic masculinity as his ideal.

There's another antagonist who has much more in common with both Rory and Jules, but this person's identity is a massive spoiler for the end of the book. So we'll just sit on that one for now. 🙃

*As identified at the time. Several characters' gender identities evolve as the series unfolds.


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"None of it really mattered, but we were all very cute." (longer excerpt from today's writing, from Part 3 of Those Who Create and Destroy) 

“I don’t think I should be your mirror forever.”

“Why are you saying that?”

“’Cause I’m not a clear reflection. I’ve got my bullshit too. I stayed angry at you for so, so long, when you didn’t need to be branded forever. I also hoped you’d prove yourself to me, and you have, but where does that ever end? We’re human beings and we fail each other. You’ll fail me again. I’ll fail you.”

“Well…fuck. Then what’s the point of any of it?”

“I don’t know.” Pause. “… Isn’t it kind of cute?”

“The fuck’re you talking about?”

“The way we all try and try and keep missing the mark.”

“… Are you okay? You sound a little delirious.”

“Nah. I feel clear right now, for once. None of it really mattered, but we were all very cute.”

“You sure you’re okay? You’ve been under a lot of stress.”

“Don’t worry. The great weight of it all will come crashing back down on me soon enough. Right now I have the star’s-eye view, and it’s all just fine. We’re just babies. We never sinned a day in our life.”

“Next time the guards come in here, I’m gonna tell them to send in a mediciner.”

“Sure, sure. Go ahead. You’re very sweet, y’know. I like you.”

Pause. “I…like you too. Weirdie. Just…promise to take care of yourself. For me. Okay?”

“I’ll do my best.”

Re: Day 11, just realized I forgot to CW the eye contact in the image. Not able to edit toots yet on my instance, so just tacking it on as a reply!

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A gift. A FREE gift!

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