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An introduction and some mild blood on a book cover 

Hello! My name is Joe and I’m a writer! I’ve finished two novels (Charlie, and Jack) and they’re both vampire stories set in the same world. There’s a broader story but the two are stand alone tales as well. They also share a few characters, though they’re set in dramatically different times and locations. Charlie takes place in Utah and Arizona in the 1970s and Jack starts off in London in the 1880s and ends in Los Angeles in the 1940s.

My current WIP is Danny and it takes place in Los Angeles in the 1990s.

Most of my characters are women, and there are prominent lgbtq relationships (mostly lesbian though Jack features what would now be called a nonbinary character in a relationship with a woman) and lots of intense, psychosexual horror. While the stories are about vampires and feature many horror elements, I’m hesitant to think of these as strictly horror. I like to think of my stories as character driven drama set in a horror novel. Which I imagine most horror writers would think the same thing, but I really mean it!

As a cis, bisexual guy, I sometimes struggle with the idea of writing lesbian and trans characters (and Ace in one case) but I figure the alternative is to fill my world with the same boring straight cis characters that make up the vast majority of mainstream horror. So I write what interests me and what I’d want to read.

Danny, my current WIP is my darkest novel and MC yet. She’s actually not a vampire but is aspiring to be one and is quite demented in the best, most disturbing ways. I’m looking forward to finding the balance between her being likeable and completely horrible at the same time.

I make my own book covers. I’ll attach a few of them to share. I hope you’ll join me in my writing journey and thank you for reading!

If you’d like to read Charlie or Jack, they’re available here:

Unused book cover (blood) 

Unused book cover idea for my novel Charlie.

Part 2 is DONE, wow, and we sent the early-access ebook with both Parts 1&2 out to patrons. 🙌

Tiiired now... 😴

Thank you all for the ⭐ 's and words of encouragement. 💛

Gonna put Chapter 25 online for tomorrow as scheduled, chill hard the rest of tonight, and catch up on the notifications and what the rest of y'all are up to tomorrow after work. ✨

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I haven't been writing or online much lately because I've been helping my mom edit her latest novel. It's slow going, as I'm a particularly slow reader, but it's fun! She's a good writer and while I haven't read her whole series, I know the story and it's going to be a lot of fun seeing her finish it up. So I've been on the phone with her a lot talking about the direction of the book and the series as a whole.

It is making me want to get back to my writing, but I need to finish this first as it's a gift to her. So I'm content to backburner it for the time being.

Black Friday sale! (eye contact) 

Hi! I'm running a black friday sale on my commissions and prints!

$50 US for a digital portrait, $75 for a portrait with an 11x14 inch or 12x18 inch print!

Prints in my etsy store are 20% off right now!

I am trying to get some money together to pay for Christmas this year, so if you're in the market for some artwork, hit me up!

#MastoArt #CommissionsOpen

Five Things about my Work in Progress:

1) A young woman with a short temper.
2) A younger woman who's a little naive and inept.
3) An evil wizard.
4) Thermal features.
5) Bathing. So much bathing.

#5ThingsWIP #writingcommunity #amwriting

#5ThingsWIP #writingcommunity #amwriting
List 5 things about my WIP

And it will be done next week...then it gets sent off to the publisher for consideration: Hellfire & Damnation #2 - Better The Devil You Know

1) Takes place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #yeg
2) Story splits into three weaving tales: Malik, Scott, and Amber
3) Demon death
4) Werewolf sires
5) Human corruption of innocence

Oh what devilish webs we weave...
Picture below:Book one

Wrote around a thousand words today and I feel GREAT about it. Like, really proud of myself. It's not the volume I used to produce when I would sit and write for hours on end, hyper-focusing and just pouring the story out of me. This is more like slapping little bits of clay on here and there and then stepping back to see if it looks like anything. It'll take it!

I always feel better when writing is going well. I had an off morning but once I got on this roll I felt better. My rough draft is around 71K and I expect to hit maybe 120K or so. We'll see. I still don't entirely know what's going to happen, and that's exhilarating.


Hi! I'm Alastair - #archaeologist by training, #translator by trade, and nerd by nature. I also write #flashfiction (mainly but not exclusively #sciencefiction ).

Born in the UK, I'm married with 2 adult children, and have lived north of Prague, Czech Republic, since the 1990s (I'm a bilingual dual national). I enjoy travelling, coffee and bad puns 🙂

You can find my published fiction and links through - enjoy!


excerpt from my WIP (discussion of gender, swearing) 

Here's how I handled a character who, in a previous book, was a somewhat masculine lesbian, but is now nonbinary. They don't have that title to work with, but they are asking people to refer to them as they/them. I don't know if they/them pronouns are anachronistic or not, but I don't care. They didn't have vampires in the 90s either, so...

Keep in mind I just wrote this and we're very much in rough draft mode.


“Victoria! You janky old cunt! Get up here!” a voice shouted over the breeze. Danny stepped out of the car in time to see Vickie run to the wooden porch that stretched around the front of the massive building. Standing there was what appeared to be a well-built man, though their voice was confusing, as it had the lilt of a woman. That was something Danny would have to figure out later because she was witnessing something she never thought she’d see: Vickie running, arms outstretched, towards another person. She bounded up the five steps in three strides and embraced the person on the porch in a fierce hug.
Danny looked at Charlie who shrugged.
“Who is that?” Danny asked, genuinely stunned at this sudden display of affection and sweetness coming from Vickie.
“That’s Dee. They’ve been friends for sixty years. Since the thirties, I think. I don’t know them really.”
“Is it… are they… He? I’m confused.”
“THEY are they. They’re neither. They’re just they. You’ll get used to it eventually. They don’t like to be called he or she, so it’s best to just call them they or them or friend or any other non-gender based… titles.”
“Pronouns,” Danny said, still looking at Vickie and Dee holding hands and talking as though they were schoolyard chums. “They’re called pronouns.”
“What the fuck, how do you know that? What are you, a linguist?”
“It’s basic grammar, Charlie. I was a teacher you know. Before this,” Danny said, finally looking away and meeting eyes with Charlie. Seeing Vickie act like a human being gave Danny new life. It was exciting to watch.
“You were an elementary school teacher. Let’s not get too self-important.”
“Yeah, and it’s elementary grammar.”
“Are you insulting me right now Danny? Is that what’s happening?”
Danny shut up and looked down at her feet.
“No. I’m just saying, they’re pronouns.”
“Don’t get cocky, bitch. It’s not a good look.”


It's a subject I'm not particularly well versed in, but I'm fully open to any advice or criticism of my handling of it. I don't have a sensitivity reader but I do want to do what I can to make this as appropriate as I can. I may post other excerpts as I write them. I'm enjoying that.

Morning everyone. It’s looking set to be pretty gloomy today, which is my ideal kind of day!
Yesterday I wrote about 2k words, which brought my #wip up to 11228 words. This is the most I’ve ever written about anything and I’m loving every second of it. Hopefully I can replicate that today! #AmWriting

Rambling about my progress 

So here's something handy.

I've been working to figure out some of the connective tissue of my WIP and getting bogged down with trying to make it all fit as a cohesive story.

Something I realized, as I was commenting back and forth with someone here actually, is that because my MC is pretty much psychologically shattered, her perception of time is totally fucked and so I jump around a lot. There's an A/B story set up, where I'm following the main action of what's happening now (1999) and when she first met the other characters
(1997) and up to this point, I've been designating some chapters as the past and some as the present.

I think I can loosen that up even further. I can conveniently skip parts that I'm not sure about or don't entirely know how to connect to the story by jumping past them and writing something that I'm more clear on in my mind.

I figure I've got these big load-bearing scenes that I have a fairly good handle on, and as long as I can get those in place, everything else should be relatively easy to fill in the blanks And I can do that whenever I want. I don't have to write this story linearly. Plus, as I write those big scenes, I will uncover new and different information that will help build out the connecting scenes.

Being able to jump through time also gives me a much bigger picture view of the story. Some sections are dark, but the light of the scenes I've written already and the scenes that are already solid in my head should illuminate the rest of the story.

So yeah, writing is actually going pretty well, and figuring that out is motivating me in a major way.

Just used an adverb in my WIP and I feel dirty about it, but Steve isn't here to keep me accountable so what else am I supposed to do?!

Hello! I'm looking for more alternate history projects (film, tv, novels, plays, games, etc). Examples: Inglorious Basterds, Once Upon a Time in...Hollywood, The Man in the High Castle...

Note: not an alternate version of a fictional world, but actual world events.

I'm particularly interested in counterfactual stories that are emancipatory (so open up possibilities in a freeing way...).

Thank you!

#Writing #Screenwriting #TV #Film #NarrativeDesign #Alternative #Counterfactual

I'm a 59 year old African American woman. I've desegregated a town, a school system and many other spaces. When I discuss racism in this nation, I'm not going to ameliorate my speech for the comfort of anyone. I don't exist to comfort others about the reality of what I was born into - what we all live in together. If that's a problem for you, I suggest you embark on some self-reflection to determine what your actual role is within this system.
#racism #politics #blackmastodon

discussion of social media and a question for creatives 

question for artists and other creatives:

How has Mastodon been for you as far as sales go? Have you had sales directly from here? How has it compared to other social media sites?

I've sold a few books and had a few commissions, and I've sold some prints. I'm definitely noticing more sales from actual engagement here than any of my other social media. I'm feeling positive about it

and we hit a block. I'm still feeling positive about my progress, but I'm getting that feeling where what I'm writing doesn't feel right, so I'm having trouble doing it. I know I should just barf as many words onto the page as I can and hope for the best, but it's hard for me when there are those little alarm bells going off saying "This isn't it buddy" so I'm going to step away for a bit and maybe play some video games or watch a movie or something.

writing excerpt (swearing) 

This is some of what I wrote this morning. It's rough and I'll probably ultimately cut most of it, especially the talk about TV, but I'm excited to be writing again and wanted to share.


“Is this necessary?” Danny asked as she raised her hands for the cuffs.

“Yes it’s fucking necessary,”

Vickie said as she clicked the little padlocks into place.
“I could sit on the couch at least. We don’t have to stay in the garage. Then we could watch TV or listen to music or something. Read a book. Anything.”

Vickie looked at her for a moment, seemingly stunned.

“I’m sorry, is this boring you? Do you want a coloring book? Besides, TV rots your brain. It’s terrible for you.”

“I kind of like TV actually. I think Twin Peaks is on tonight,” Lucy said.

“Oh, I like Twin Peaks!” Charlie said, suddenly animated.

“Shut the fuck up. No TV,” Vickie said. “We aren’t having a bloody slumber party here! Am I the only one who remembers what the fuck we’re doing?!”

“What ARE you doing? I am so confused about what’s happening here. Am I kidnapped? In my own house? Is this a ransom thing? Because I do have money. I can pay you to fuck off and leave me alone.”

“Shut up!” Vickie suddenly roared. She turned and picked up a hammer from Tom’s workbench and started walking toward Danny.

“Hey!” was all Danny could manage to say before Charlie put her arm around Vickie’s shoulder, holding her back.

“Stop Vickie. This isn’t going how we planned but we aren’t killing her. She’s too valuable.”

“Stop talking,” Vickie said, looking at Charlie.

“What do you mean valuable?”

“Gag her,” Vickie said, turning and placing the hammer back on the bench. Charlie looked at Lucy, who shrugged and took a bandanna out of her pocket and gave it to Charlie.
“Oh come on…”Danny said before Charlie stuffed the wadded-up bandanna into her mouth. Vickie approached her with a roll of duct tape.


Stephen King writes like:

We laughed so hard we couldn't breathe, then we boogie-woogie'd all night. When the sun came up, I stood, my knees popping like gunshots, and then I went to the jakes to do the necessary.

#Introduction Hello All! I'm a writer of #middlegrade #mysteries and adult #mysteries #suspense and #fantasy. I'm a member of #MWA #SinC #ITW #SCBWI and a few others. My current #WIP is a suspense/fantasy with converging dual timelines that I #amquerying and my next #MG mystery is in the works.
In a prior life, I did top-secret work as an operations research analyst.
#writingcommunity #amwriting #kidlit #authors #publishing #writersofmastodon

I been writin' y'all! I put down 1200 words since yesterday. It's slow moving but it's progress!

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