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I'm lapis (they / them)
@weirdwriter insisted I join!

I'm an writer, crocheter, reader in the US. I like playing piano, singing in languages I don't know (like Italian 🤣 ), I love podcasts (I think I'm subscribed to 80 or so right now?)
I am easily distracted (thanks, ADHD), but try staying on task with a Techo / Planner.

I am legally / and ran out of energy to make an introduction yesterday. 😅
Hope we can be friends 💜

I'm taking a break right now (because my hand's a bit sore) but I'm doing some journaling warm ups before I start outlining something today.

If you're wondering, I got this idea (the retreat not the outlining) from some of Natalie Goldberg's books.

The outlining... I hope to have more to say about it. I want to become more disciplined, and it's not a good idea to have notes for your WIP scattered everywhere, and as someone with memory issues, I should probably get some of it out of my head before I forget it.

The problem is, it's a Work-In-Progress, so naturally I'm outlining after I already started. Maybe I'll make a blog post after I've done so.

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I'm trying a stay-at-home writing retreat today.

Part of it is silence. I don't know if online counts. Probably does lol.

I did tell my brother I won't be talking much today (There are hollowed out break-times I could talk) and I should probably send the message to my dad too.

I hope this doesn't cause me to become even more of a shut in lol

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For 13-21 year olds who can't find the books/scientific articles they want on :
...they can now use Brooklyn Library's catalogue as well:
...a move that was recently announced to help circumvent book bans in other states, but which is already, I'm guessing, mostly redundant due to pirate sites. It's the thought that counts I guess 🤷‍♂️​

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Oh gosh, those galaxy compression gloves are gorgeous


It cost 0$ to RT a Black disabled queer small business! It could lead to my next sale.

I sell pins, compression items (gloves, hip brace, wrist brace, socks, knee sleeves, etc), ita bags, plant pots, jewelry and so much more!

Store details below!


Do I know any writers that want to make their own (contribute to) a Science Fiction Tarot?

"Each author will be expected to submit a 1-3 word science fiction concept for a card, along with a story that exhibits that idea through character, plot or theme. Please have a clear archetype, setting, or SF subgenre and center your submission around the concept: the focus of the tale should be the idea conveyed, not tarot cards themselves."

It sounds pretty cool, but in case it wasn't clear:

I Think you're supposed to make up your own arcana and write a story around that arcana.

Like, it gives the example of "The Geneticist" on the page, and you CAN use it, but from a strategic perspective, I would not, unless you have an excellent idea for that arcana.


About Stuff Out on Submission 

My favorite story (so far) is out on submission. The window closes tomorrow, and I'm really hoping if they reject me, they don't do it immediately.

the anthology that I submitted to that rejected me a day after I submitted it *REALLY* hurt lol (they were nice about it, I'm just sensitive you know?)

I haven't decided what I'm doing today, maybe I should edit stuff so I can send more stuff out. Or maybe I should wait until next month?

Better idea, go through that market RSS and see if anything I especially care about is open or closing soon.

Well I met my Camp Nano goal. That's about the only thing this month that has gone as planned, but I'm accepting this as a win.

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Today is my Birthday! 🥳😂🎉😱😃

Please Boost

I was gonna focus on novel-writing this month (made that my camp goal) but there are so many good places to submit to with stories I can rework I think I'm gonna be editing most of the month instead.


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Thanking about how inadequate the job/hobby distinction under capitalism is when it comes to but not as a full-time job (which I'm going to go out on a limb and say describes most writers) @amwriting

and already have a rejection for this one 😩

I really like this piece, please don't make me self-publish it as pretend fanfiction

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Decided "What the hell, I'll submit the last one too" so it's anxiety town here

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I have all but one (decent) story out on submission right now, and it's driving me up a wall. Part of me wants to scream "Reject me already!!!!"

I know if it takes a while, that seems to be a good sign, like they're giving it a second look or something, but it is *Not* good for my anxiety 😅

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finished my first bobbin, just over 50g spun up and this is a little more true to colour finally! will maybe do the other half over the weekend and then it'll be a lovely 2ply yarn

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I had an idea for a story.

I said "I should write that down" and then continued to play video games.

I do not remember what the idea was. 😭

(worst part: the notebook I use for these was next to the computer...)

I was sleeping and had thoughts (I don't know if you can call it a dream when it feels more like I'm just really creative and have un-visual ideas) that forced me to wake up, and I am brimming with energy.

I was gonna edit a story today instead of work on my novel, but the thoughts I had were regarding my novel, so I genuinely don't know.

Maybe I should get an early start on writing

Reading about Sewers, Sewage, and "Nightsoil" 💩 

Okay. One thing Western gardeners are told in regards to compost: Do NOT compost the shit of predators! (and with that, don't compost human shit).

My Understanding (which may not be correct) is that with the introduction of meat (which you shouldn't compost) feces is no longer compostable. Or maybe not to the same degree, because
1. Pretty sure someone on here told me that the Aztecs composted human feces.
2. Tokugawa Era Japan composted it too, and it was so valuable it could be stolen.

Marie Brennan's book (that taught me the second one of those) says part of it is concern of infecting food with parasites.

I'm assuming part of it in both those cases was a diet with less meat, and the fact that Central America wasn't crawling with domesticated animals to farm with, and I'm pretty sure Japan (aside from being closed off to the outside world) is lacking the space to have loads of bovine.

Anyway, this is not just brought to you by the world-building series, but also by "What the hell did they do in the regency, dammit!!!!" (I had a source, but I never read it, and the url 404s now)

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Today is Global Accessibility Awareness day so I'd like to highlight an anthology by Disabled writers I have enjoyed a ton! Not Going Back to Normal.

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A liquid is a substance which has a definite volume, but takes the shape of its container

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🤔 I wonder if I can just... make up a nobiliary particle. so far in my draft ( ) I took two real nobiliary particles and had them signify something fantastical, but maybe a German-speaker would say "Stop that!"

Maybe I should ask about that sometime

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