I'm trying a stay-at-home writing retreat today.

Part of it is silence. I don't know if online counts. Probably does lol.

I did tell my brother I won't be talking much today (There are hollowed out break-times I could talk) and I should probably send the message to my dad too.

I hope this doesn't cause me to become even more of a shut in lol

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I'm taking a break right now (because my hand's a bit sore) but I'm doing some journaling warm ups before I start outlining something today.

If you're wondering, I got this idea (the retreat not the outlining) from some of Natalie Goldberg's books.

The outlining... I hope to have more to say about it. I want to become more disciplined, and it's not a good idea to have notes for your WIP scattered everywhere, and as someone with memory issues, I should probably get some of it out of my head before I forget it.

The problem is, it's a Work-In-Progress, so naturally I'm outlining after I already started. Maybe I'll make a blog post after I've done so.

I wanted to come back to this. I'll probably write a blog post about it at some point but I was really pleased once I got into the groove of the "Shopping List" Outline Technique (recommended by Diane Duane, supposedly originated with C J Cherryh)

( the blog post, for context: )

I'm hoping to finish my draft by the end of the year, which I project to be a decent amount of words to go (at least 30K more even for a sparse first draft).

It's certainly doable, but uh... depressing and worrying if you look at my output this year. This has not been a good year for me writing wise.

I THINK what I have to do is focus on the novel, with occasional breaks to work on other stuff (and hopefully Wednesdays to work on Worldbuilding) I probably need to make my main beta / 1st reader hold me accountable for actually writing. I had a bone-headed move earlier in the week where I wrote down 6 or so things I wanted to work on from a worldbuilding perspective, and... proceeded to work on something in worldbuilding that I do NOT need to touch in the first draft. I was EXTREMELY angry at myself, but I think this is relatively normal for "writing with ADHD"

by the way if you're wondering, I'm still occasionally having hand problems. There's something I'm supposed to try (and I HAVE been doing) before coming back to the doctor, but I promise to take care of myself to the best of my ability.

Long post 

@lapis Thanks for that link, I skimmed it and have bookmarked for farther reading! Sounds like you have solid plans, and Worldbuilding Wednesday sounds awesome! :D

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