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I've been in a bit of a writing rut lately (since early april) so I'm trying to figure out how best to get my creative engines going again.

I love Marie Brennan's series on worldbuilding (the 5th volume came out last month) and I think revisiting the whole series may be good for me.

Especially since the notebook I started with (plenty of pages left to use) Has a BUNCH of outdated information.

I think one of my goals will be writing down somewhere the worldbuilding information I know.

Because right now I'm running into issues like: "Okay, they were using X for stimulants, because they couldn't import tea or coffee" but I'm pretty sure I changed that at some point?

Writing is rough, and I hate executive dysfunction

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US POL; recommended place to donate :boost_ok: 

Gonna cross post this a few places but:

Please donate (or save that link if in the future you need an abortion).

Now is a *great* time to donate if you have money.

I'm glad to see Booktok apparently really enjoys "The Sun is Also a Star".

I was sad that book (and movie) didn't do well because I really liked the concept (and I have a theory about the book's ending)

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Books intro 

In addition to my pinned long intro, here is one all about books and writing.

My reading tastes are all kinds. Everything from MG and YA to science fiction, and fantasy. I mostly read LGBT+ books, and books by authors of color in and outside of America.

Due to disabilities, I exclusively listen to audiobooks.

You can follow my reading comments at without making a Bookwyrm account. Just go to my profile and click on follow remotely, and that will allow you to follow me no matter where you are in the Fediverse.

Some of my favorite authors include Lemony Snicket, Kacen Callender, David Levithan, David Sedaris, V C Andrews, and Hannah Moskowitz, among many, many, others.

I also write fiction and nonfiction. You can read my books here,

Or read my blog here,

Lastly, I read all banned books, no matter who bans them, the left or the right.

I like slow paced emotionally complex stories with precocious teenagers and kids. I also love bizarre humor, such as all books by Lemony Snicket.

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Wonderful educational series about the right wing play books and how to watch out for them education

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If you see me talking to myself, just move along. I'm self employed. We're having a staff meeting.

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Finished the zigzag fade hat! Really pleased with how the colours worked out on this one, will definitely try this approach again 😊

#knitting #fiberArts #fibreArts

also pro tip if you want to buy manga (may work for comics too): Go to Barnes and Noble, find the volume you need, copy and paste the ISBN into bookshop.

voila, correct volume.

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Bookshop Dot Org is having a 20% off your order flash sale, today only.

I do *not* know if this applies to preorders or not, but yes, I am uh, investigating

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This Trans story made me cry! The images of the text messages have alt text but i look forward to someone making an audio version of this, especially since it is a finalist for a Hugo award

Me, months ago: Well of course I'll use metric, Imperial makes no sense and I don't even know how many cups are in a gallon.

Me, months later: How big is a kilometer? How big is a centimeter? Why can't I just say "inches" WHY DID I CHOOSE THIS

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Does anyone know if I write Fanfiction in proper manuscript format, will it look right on AAO3 or will I need to format it all over again? I use a default template for traditional publishing, which is why I'm asking.

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BookWyrm is now offering hosted instances via Patreon. If you'd like to have your own instance without the technical work, you now can!

Learn more:

You know there's a lot of "good" ideas I have in this worldbuilding notebook I haven't had the opportunity to add / justify / brood over.

Maybe I should make a running list (in Scrivener) of this stuff.

Won't lie, I'm glad every fork of Mastodon I've been on puts the bookmark button somewhere I can actually see it. I never remember to bookmark things otherwise lol

About the Edit button (which I think is only on vanilla mastodon right now) 

I've been on Mastodon since roughly the end of 2017 if I have my calendar right. I'm middle-aged in my Mastodon usage, if you will.

I have discussed my memory issues before (speaking of which I have an ECT tomorrow so I'll probably forget this conversation lmao) but that doesn't mean I forget Everything.

Like I specifically remember Eugen making a thoughtful series of toots about Why he didn't want to introduce an Edit button, but felt a "Delete and Redraft" button would be better. One of the points was specifically people boosting something (presumably in this case to draw attention to it) and the Original Poster editing the post to walk it back.

Which is why, I'm curious if anyone knows Why the edit button is gonna be a thing now?

Admittedly I DID think Delete and Redraft was a good decision, but I guess what I'm asking is:
1. Is the Edit button more accessible for screen-reader users?
2. Has "person edits statement about cats to be about shilling for crypto after you boost it" been addressed.

It's not like I want to hate his decisions by default, but I Genuinely Don't Understand why in this case we're getting editing.

Today's Distraction is brought to you by searching fruitlessly for if I can write in Markdown in scrivener instead of say, CTRL - I or CTRL - B

The answer seems to be "not in the way I'd like". Like, you can write in markdown and export it for say, blogs.

No, I just genuinely get distracted if I can't surround a word with one or two asterisks to format it.

Anyway, I will do my best to get back to work.

You can put Pepto Bismol into your fantasy setting and no one can stop you

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Do you know any more providers of managed hosting for #Fediverse instances?

So far I've got, Spacebear, Weingartner, Cloud68 and

Are there any others?


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