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Oops I forgot to write an post! "Oops I forgot" being a frequent refrain with me, in part because I have , diagnosed at 40. (That rhymed!)

fiction is my curse and my haunting. I wrote fanfic for decades and still do sometimes, but my current focus is a novel series about a Korean queen who lived 2,000 years ago. You can find my rantings and struggles on the or tags.

I have set up the WriteOut instance and am one of the mods, but I take most mod actions through the @nerd account. Don't hesitate to bring me your moderation and technical concerns, of course! :write_out:

325 words in 22 minutes. It's fascinating to see how two of my main villains see themselves and their place in the world, and how their actions make sense in that context. Anyway it's late and I'm knocking off, glad to have gotten some writing done before I went to bed for good, though.

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I was absolutely worn out by work, but an evening nap restored me a little and I'm ready to try a little nighttime . (sleepy)

my dating site for chickens doesn't make enough for me to quit my job but it does help make the hens meet.

The attraction of Reddit: People gather there to talk :blobcat_nwn:
The horror of Reddit: People gather there to talk 😱

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fucking Reddit, bigotry 

(antisemitism & antiblackness)

Look I just wanted to talk craft with other writers, I did not sign up for antisemitic and antiblack posts ugh. At least the person with the antisemitic story idea was receptive to criticism and hopefully those of us who spoke up saved a Jewish person some time/energy in responding to that crap.

325 words that took me quite some time to get to as I thought about story direction and distracted myself on Reddit, clock says 46 minutes of writing time but it was no doubt less. Happy to have returned to a character I hadn't touched in a while and looking forward to staying with him for at least a scene. And now for a break.

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Okay that's the scene down, hoo boy was it a long one. Will probably be needing trimming, but that's a problem for another time. Couple of places/characters I could be moving on to now, going to think about it a little in relation to the overall arc of the story.

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BIG work day today while husband and kid go visit family, but it won't feel complete without out of the way first! (come on come on!)

Before I got ME I sometimes saw hundreds of people a day. So much acquintances, so much small talk. So much meeting. Now I see 1 person every 2-3 days.
It's hard to not get bitter thinking back to so many aqcuintances, family members, friends. Aside from nucleair family, you know how many people from my healthy days I'm still in touch with? 1.

All this to say that you might be an ex-acquintance to someone ill and lonely too. Think back to them. Reach out. Send them a postcard or email.

It turns out that there's an alternate opening song to Fiddler on the Roof, and it is absolute MOOD

We've Never Missed A Sabbath Yet

@ljwrites @jessmahler @rosei123

You can also see all the tips I've posted organised into categories at

Committed and pushed, how has it been 5 days since I last pushed to remote smh.

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420 words in around 43 minutes for today. Interesting violent scene that gave me some chilling insights into a character, so that'll be something to chew on going forward. And now to capitalism work. (has written, yay!)

You know what you need in your life? More Caribbean literature & non-fiction.

I shared 10 of my favorite works in this little post from a while back. And I think it's still a solid list.

What would you add to the list? New or old!

It's interesting to me how many people will only recognize kink if it involves sex toys and erotica.

Someone started a review of 'Bound by His Oath' by saying it isn't a kink book 'per se', when the entire point of the book was to take the implicit maledom of historical romance and flip it to femdom.

But historical romances where one partner is bound to obey the other partner are 'normal.' They are every day, so they aren't REALLY kink.

#books #kink

I'm noping out of Master of Restless Shadows by Ginn Hale.

Regretfully because overall it's a good book with enjoyable characters. But I just don't enjoy political intrigue, and this book has hit my limit for same.

If you enjoy political fantasy or fantasy books about spy vs spy, I highly recommend. Otherwise, pass by.


I think you(the collective you) will find most Jews have a complex relationship with Israeli policy.

But Israeli policy is not Zionism, nor (as you mention) are we discussing time machines.

We are saying that today half the world's Jews are in one place, and those who are anti-Zionist are literally saying to either kill them or make them refugees.

That's antisemitism, and Berkeley (and many other universities) are promoting it.

Okay, so here's a thing other folks here might not get -- 'support Israel' and 'Zionist' are not clear distinct terms.

Let's look at me for an example -- I believe that the founding of Israel was a travesty and human rights violation. But I believe the guilt of that lands largely on the Europeans who forced Jews out of Europe and stirred up antisemitism in the Ottoman Empire's Arab-majority regions.

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