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Oops I forgot to write an post! "Oops I forgot" being a frequent refrain with me, in part because I have , diagnosed at 40. (That rhymed!)

fiction is my curse and my haunting. I wrote fanfic for decades and still do sometimes, but my current focus is a novel series about a Korean queen who lived 2,000 years ago. You can find my rantings and struggles on the or tags.

I have set up the WriteOut instance and am one of the mods, but I take most mod actions through the @nerd account. Don't hesitate to bring me your moderation and technical concerns, of course! :write_out:

Since I was thinking on paper rather than setting & writing an actual scene I'll be continuing the session at home, but I'm excited by the ideas that came up!

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I'm really excited for this one. Here's a trailer for my Paranormal Palestine YouTube show!

Hi fediverse! Boosts appreciated on this one.

I’m part of a co-op building a platform for artists to sell art without getting exploited. I’ve been working on it for a while but there’s a lot of work to do and I could use some help. A ton of the main features are in place, but there’s still some big gaps and a lot of polish left before it can launch.

The platform is fully open source and developed in the open. It’s built on Phoenix/Elixir and Tailwindcss. Our co-op is already incorporated and established and it’s open to members that want to actually commit but you don’t need to be a member to contribute or help.

Does this sound interesting? I’d love some help! I’m also happy to answer questions. And no, you don’t need to know Elixir already. It’s pretty easy to learn for the things you’d be using it for. Even some design help would be welcome. Feel free to reply here or DM me!


writing, plot & character relationships 

Also it occurs to me the two young women who are kind of involved with the injured butch warrior might be meeting soon and I get all fluttery, lesbian metamours feels ftw

(Will it still pass the Bechdel Test if they talk about the girl they both like)

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writing & planning, atrocity mention 

Just sketching out a few ideas for the next scene but it includes the sentence "Which is how he comes up with his nice little ethnic cleansing campaign" so it looks like it's going to be good

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Took the slow train on the way home to sit down and do longhand. (on the train)

I just finished #UrsulaLeGuin's The Dispossessed and it absolutely blew me away.

Her depiction of Anarres in all its facets and flaws makes the world so credible it feels like I actually visited. It's a multi-layered masterpiece that will keep giving stuff to mull over each re-read. #SFF #UrsulaLeGuin

Had a good time chatting and writing with @ljwrites .

Lots of talking. We got from implied D/s in Bound by His Oath to the functional (not)anarchy of Anarras in LeGuin's Dispossessed. Somehow.
It made sense at the time. 😛

Looking forward to next week.

Maybe the scene ending is a bit abrupt, but I figure it fits the uncanny nature of the events. Besides, I'm trying to be more aggressive about scene framing.

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Wrote 301 words in 41 minutes on stream for , talking about a bunch of subject with @jessmahler while ey edited. Thanks Jess for these weekly chats, I always look forward to them! (while talking)

#WIP project! posting to encourage us to actually do it lol

I'm 1/2 of the QAKE pod! QAKE, pronounced like cake and often mispronounced by me (who made up the name) as quake, stands for #Queer #Autistics Killing Entertainment.

It will be a movie podcast that reviews movies in a humorous way and through an intersectional lens. Unsurprisingly, most movie so white + cis/het normative...

I'll also occasionally post #QAKEpops here, mini reviews that are a post or two of any sort of media


My venmo/cashapp are both Aldercone. You can also do one time donations via

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help a black trans person avoid homelessness!

"PLEASE encourage those you know to donate to this fund, even if it's just a few bucks. If you know people who have big social media platforms too, please insist that they use their influence to help promote Black trans survival funds like Ash's."

I'm likely to have to face and resolve this issue while editing, and make choices how much setup to leave in or even add. While I'll always keep in mind that the goal is not a perfectly matched understanding but elicitation and evocation, it's also worth remembering that sometimes elicitation takes some amount of information and adjustment when frames of reference are so different.

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I don't feel the need to explain every detail for the white gaze, obviously. The world is what it is for the characters, and how they exist and go about in it is much better "worldbuilding" than tour-guide explanations of basic concepts. Or a three-book compendium.

Still, I do need to set up some expectations and parameters, such as: It is Not Done to simply call highborn characters by their given names, which are rather private between their families and friends, and that titles, relationships, and positions are, in effect, their public names. And that means showing these things happen in real time, which takes words and space.

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And it may be the "not European" part, and the fact that the setting is based on an actual ancient society, that makes me all the more hesitant to leave readers to their own frames of reference. For white readers especially, the frame of reference is likely to be wrong for understanding this "world" of the Yalu tributary river valleys (near the present-day China/North Korean border) in 1st century B.C.

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On the other hand, I have mixed feelings about this advice for my current project especially because the newsletter leads with the example of an author who wants to do extensive worldbuilding. While I have never felt the urge to do a three-book series on the background, my WIP does require some setup for many readers to understand what the heck is going on. While it's a feudal setting of sorts it's not the familiar kings-lords-and-knights European medieval fantasy--it's not European at all and the lack of a king is a central cause of conflict.

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On the one hand... yes, absolutely, fiction should elicit rather than explain, and the author absolutely shouldn't try to force readers to have the same reactions as the author would. As the newsletter points out, that goal is both impossible and undesirable. I've had trouble before letting the reader fill in the details, and paring down exacting descriptions to leave some things to the readers' imagination was one of the best things I did to improve my writing.

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