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Oops I forgot to write an post! "Oops I forgot" being a frequent refrain with me, in part because I have , diagnosed at 40. (That rhymed!)

fiction is my curse and my haunting. I wrote fanfic for decades and still do sometimes, but my current focus is a novel series about a Korean queen who lived 2,000 years ago. You can find my rantings and struggles on the or tags.

I have set up the WriteOut instance and am one of the mods, but I take most mod actions through the @nerd account. Don't hesitate to bring me your moderation and technical concerns, of course! :write_out:

The importance of fabric production remains a constant though so there's that xD always something to contend with when telling women's stories for much of history.

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I can actually see in a mental map the geographical distance between the setting I was working on yesterday and the one I'm working on today (from Southeastern to Northeastern modern-day China) and the time remove (almost exactly 5 centuries forward) and I'm like, whoa this 'Asia' setting is pretty vast!

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Going back to the long WIP for and I'm like... what even was this again? :blobcat_0_0: It's been a week...

writing & research thoughts 

On the one hand, it can get kind of lonely that the kind of stuff I'm working on (phonetics reconstruction, archaeology, speculations based on fragmented records and old place names) can't even be explained to most people without some hefty background.

On the other hand, it's awesome that when done right and given life in fictional form, no one needs to know the International Phonetic Alphabet or archaeological ages or whatever to get it. Once there is living flesh on that knowledge set in motion to a story it becomes intuitive, just more stories of life and love and death and everything in between.

Some of it may feel alien, coming from people who lived in very different different times and conditions, but ideally there will be recognizable themes and commonalities, enough footholds to understand, resonate, and thrill to.

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"The concept of neurodiversity offers a subtle and much more comprehensive counter-argument to eugenics. It is not just because some autistic people are brilliant that autism should not be eliminated: it is because diversity is inherently valuable, and so are people. All people.

When someone is unable to participate in society, it is a sign that society is doing something wrong, and we all miss out as a result."



Worlds of Possibility is currently open for #sff #flashfiction #poetry that feels happy, hopeful, or peaceful! I’m looking for fun stuff, heartwarming stuff, problem fixing stuff, etc.

This is open to everyone, and I would especially love to see submissions from #Black, #Indigenous and #Latinx / #Latine #writers

writing insecurity, brain stuff, food 

Not unexpectedly, writing feels crashed from yesterday's high of "aahhhh I wrote the best thing ever!!" to "ughhh why did I send that mess to anyone?? 😫"

It's fine, dopamine high & crash are part of the process especially during and after crunch time. I'm proud of how I used the high to send out the story, and I'll ride out the lows. First I'll see how I feel after some food (homemade soup yay!), then move on to work and other stuff to calm myself. And of course there's also Writing Treat in the pm!

If you'd like a signed and personalized copy of my new book, I have a few on hand that I can ship as early as tomorrow. Here's a form for reserving one:

Western storytelling traditions decree that a linear structure is a mandatory features of any satisfying story. This is Western-centric silliness. In this webinar, author Henry Lien will explore non-linear structures, specifically cyclic and nested structures, using examples from non-Western stories and films.

Date: 2/18 | Price: $50 – $75

Details & Registration:

Did you know that the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense had a number of medical research groups that focused on illnesses such as sickle cell anemia that were under-studied because they were considered to be a "black disease."


"Body and Soul: The Black Panther Party and the Fight against Medical Discrimination"

#BlackPanthers #TheBlackPanthers #HistMed #HSTM

Since we've got tons of new people flooding in, I'm looking for all my #Pakistani people here to make a community. Behen bhai se tou milna zaroori hai!

Everyone from #Pakistan leave a reply/follow with where you're from (I'm from #karachi) and we'll get talking and follow each other up to get everyone started

All my people from the #subcontinent (all my #India and #Bangladesh people) are welcome to, I love yall. Everyone leave a boost so this can reach these people

The Baltimore Science Fiction Society is accepting submissions of addressing themes of science fiction/fantasy/horror/science, deadline March 1!

This one is for literary ! The Gabo Prize for Literature in Translation & Multilingual Texts is open for in February and August.

It's #WerewolfWednesday, and I have a story I really wanna share:

In 1691 an 80-something Livonian man named Old Thiess was called to court as a witness in a theft case. As he was sworn in, another witness laughed: "How can he swear a holy oath when everyone knows he is a werewolf?"

The judges immediately forgot about the thief and put Old Thiess on trial. He calmly admitted that yes, indeed he was a werewolf.

#folklore #werewolves

It took me a few days to get through the short story Horsewoman but I'm glad I did. It's an incredible story of rage against disaster capitalism and failed, repressive governance in the midst of pandemic and environmental crisis. (CW death, grief, mental health, police)

Just doing normal things like going back to the story to re-read passages and cry :'(

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