Okay this is it I'm going to upgrade to the latest version

No git, I promise you it's fine, you can override my local changes... okay, fine, I'll stash them.

Debian's ruby package actually downgraded ruby from 2.7 to 2.5.5 🙃 clearly this isn't working and I need rvm

If you can't get gpg2 gpg will do... hopefully

Oh great I have no fucking idea what I'm doinggg

"no binary rubies found" okay all rubies are nonbinary got it


Let's look at just how badly I fucked up this Ruby upgrade

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RVM got me to 3.0.0 but I'm assuming the listed version of 3.0.3 is still preferred for the upgrade, and I'm hoping that'll fix the error I got for precompile? Anyway download for the 3.0.3 upgrade failed so going to try again tomorrow I guess going to go play a game or something

Oh I guess 3.0.0 is the stable version and that's why using the stable option for install got me that? Argh.

@nerd the ruby upgrade part is often painful! Feel free to hit me up if you hit any road blocks

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