Once more into the Ruby update breach, my friends!

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Ooh it's compiling! I guess the failure wasn't with the Ruby version but that I had to compile as root.

@tobi Evidently! On my own system I'm explicitly told not to do that. In the original Mastodon installation asset precompilation is done as the mastodon user, but when I followed Hometown upgrade instillation trying to run the precompile as mastodon gave me a permission denied error, while compiling as root worked.

@tobi narrator's voice: It was, in fact, not supposed to be precompiled from root

@tobi you were the voice of prophecy!! Guess who had to do a bunch of chown commands for files that had root ownership and had to be changed back to mastodon for anything to work 🙃

@nerd everyone should heed my words where tech is concerned (nobody should heed my words)

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