Me, as running a mass accounts refresh brings back the avatars that were missing: Oh, there you were! :blobCatPeek:


instance media & space ramblings 

Remote media was rampantly broken on this server since I've had to impose very strict cache restrictions to save disk space and, at one time, mass-deleted media to rescue the server from an overflowing disk that crashed the database. It's a real pleasure to start seeing media consistently again. Like if it were simply an all-text experience that's another thing, but seeing *some* media in patches and others blank was kind of maddening.

Now I can actually allow media caches of up to 7 days and even longer (!) if I want, and am requesting media files, especially profile avatars, that I had deleted as an emergency measure. The price is a slower initial loading time while media is fetched and cached, plus slower media uploads, but I think it's made up by reclaiming 18.5 GB in local disk space (this is while I was allowing only one-day cache of remote media), getting much roomier storage for literally pennies, and not being at constant risk of a whole-instance crash.

Between refreshing media and just normal use, the size of our media files in the remote bucket grew about 3 GB since yesterday. If this were on local disk the instance would already have crashed and/or I'd be running frantic media cleanups jobs. Aaahhh, the sheer peace of mind.

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