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@jonny This is @ljwrites , replying from here because of the larger character count xD

Tbh I don't understand the flow either, the OAuthDoorkeeper plugin had done 99% of the work (itself building on the generic OAuth plugin) and I just modified it very very slightly because some URLs and data coded into it didn't exist for Mastodon. It may help to take a look at the code of those other plugins, for that reason. My modified version of action.php was:


use dokuwiki\plugin\oauth\Adapter;
use dokuwiki\plugin\oauthmastodon\DoorKeeper;

* Service Implementation for oAuth Doorkeeper authentication
class action_plugin_oauthmastodon extends Adapter

/** @inheritdoc */
public function registerServiceClass()
return DoorKeeper::class;

/** * @inheritDoc */
public function getUser()
$oauth = $this->getOAuthService();
$data = array();

# Should work if the function sends the right Authorization: Bearer token by header
$url = $this->getConf('baseurl') . '/api/v1/accounts/verify_credentials';

$raw = $oauth->request($url);
$result = json_decode($raw, true);

$data['user'] = $result['username'];
$data['name'] = $result['username'];

# Mastodon account API does not provide email, and it should not be necessary for admin purposes if OAuth is used for login
# If desired, a real email can be filled in by the users in their profiles
$data['mail'] = $result['username'] . '@' . $this->getConf('baseurl');

return $data;

/** @inheritDoc */
public function getLabel()
return 'Doorkeeper';

/** @inheritDoc */
public function getColor()
return '';


--- end code ---

I'm pretty sure I only modified the API URL and corrected for the lack of email information in the json sent by the Mastodon account API, simply building a fake email to satisfy the DokuWiki login system basically.

I have no experience with MediaWiki, but one easy way to do this may be to take one of the existing SSO extensions, compare the url and data it's expecting to the Mastodon data, and adjust accordingly.

I keep getting asked to support writing rich-text-formatted posts in #Hometown (we already read them just fine). I finally wrote down, in this comment on this Github issue, a short essay outlining all my concerns with doing so:

Some of this is problems with Markdown, while some of this is problems with interoperability regarding any rich text rendering at all.

@Wander Nah. I respect that there are instances run on a provider model, but it's not the best model for all instances. Some instances are devoted to specific political views or organizational goals, and some are groups of like-minded friends. The service provider model is unsuitable when the users want more moderation and a more cohesive group ethos than they get from Gmail, AOL, or indeed Twitter. The key is not which model is better, but rather that expectations align and there is clear communication of which model will be used.

@james yeah if an instance admin just follows whatever is on the tag, that instance has a way bigger problem than the existence of fediblock. There are false flag operations and other garbage on the tag, of course, but the trash tends to take itself out because the instances who do this are themselves widely defederated.

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Don't forward reports to the user's instance admin unless you have reason to believe the instance admin is trustworthy. I have seen numerous instances where admins have shared reports with the target user and where the report has been used to harrass the person presumed to have made the report.

If you aren't sure, don't forward. Your instance admin can always choose to forward the report.

#FediTips #fediblockmeta

Any admins know of a good way to tell when it's time to put your mastodon-web and mastodon-streaming services on their own server?

Sidekiq is easy by watching the queues, but I can't tell when the puma or streaming services are getting overloaded. Any ideas?

#MastoAdmin #MastoAdmins #MastodonAdmin #MastodonAdmins

given lb:

i do have an issue open for an alternate approval-queue federation mode that could always use some extra support:

#mastoDev #mastoAdmin

Hey what's up y'all we're just checking in from you better not be shitposting on the fediblock hashtag (we are checking)

@darius Ohhh this was a bug? Thank goodness, we were thinking it was by design and there was some anger surrounding it.

I had actually forgotten that in December 2019 I was asked by The Verge to give my opinion on Jack Dorsey's Bluesky decentralization project. This is what I said at the time and, well, lol, I stand by it

@everest every relationship with a cis guy that lasted longer than it should have

In advance of deleting my Twitter account, I made this web page that lets you search my tweets, link to an archived version, and read whole threads I wrote.

I will eventually release this as a website I host where you drop your Twitter zip archive in and it spits out the 100% static site you see here. Then you can just upload it somewhere and you have an archive that is also easy to style how you like it.

This is yet another reason to write media descriptions whenever you can--large files can get lost in transfer and bandwidth/capacity varies widely between instances, so your media are not 100% guaranteed to federate. Your descriptions will make it through much more reliably, however, keeping your post useful even if the attachment is dropped.

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As a sysadmin I am offended when media attachments don't load, but as a user I'm delighted when the posts still make sense thanks to image descriptions! :D

Tired: "I'm an ActivityPub developer"

Wired: "I'm an ActivitySchlub"

@rose oh i see the problem is not that raspberry pi are hiring someone whose proudest professional achievements are a menace to their userbase

the problem is that fedi vegans are hunting them for sport

Great write-up on how to integrate #ActivityPub functionality into a static website (with a nice shout-out to some of @darius’s projects too).

pls boost am testing gotosocial concurrency

From now on this is my official explanation of the #fediverse:

ok so we've clearly all read Thomas Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49. Remember W.A.S.T.E.? the network of trash cans run by societal dropouts? and somehow they manage to deliver letters from trash can to trash can? that's fediverse

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