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No git, I promise you it's fine, you can override my local changes... okay, fine, I'll stash them.

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Okay this is it I'm going to upgrade to the latest version

Realized just today that WriteOut's disk usage was at 34 GB of 38 available (!!) and ran the command found here to get rid of older external media. Now disk usage is down to a more manageable, if still high, 22 GB. Whew! When I said "write out," I didn't mean write out all the storage media!

Migrating media to a cloud storage provider might be in order (maybe my B2 buckets would work?), but for now doing the deletion regularly seems to be a workable solution. Maybe I'll make it into a systemd timer task.

Death of an early internet implementor 

Rest in peace Dave Walden. He was an early ARPANET and Internet pioneer and Iwas incredibly helpful to me when I set out to blog about the first 365 RFCs. A kind and funny man.


His wonderful website:

The book he edited on the history of BBN:

He was also an important figure in the TeX community:

@nerd I can only comment as an artist, but in terms of giving me access to accessibility tools and not hiding them in barely visible tabs (and in reminding me when I upload something) Mastodon makes it far easier for me to use content warnings and alt text than any other site I put art on.

It was a bit sobering that our disability policy was called "exceptional," though, because these things shouldn't be the exception but the rule. I didn't even go out of my way to make the instance friendly to disabled people--I simply went with what I understand to be general good practice which is, of course, always evolving and being updated.

On that note, the accessibility section of WriteOut's Code of Conduct document may be helpful to those looking to make their instances welcoming to everyone.

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@weirdwriter 's guide to Mastodon for writers and readers should be helpful for lovers of words navigating the fedi, and I appreciated the WriteOut shoutout, too!

do your admin a solid by kissing them gently on the forehead

@nerd Another awesome use is: when viewing a thread if it looks like there is a lot of conversation you can't see (threads are not always linear), it's plausibly due to a lack of federation, go to the OPs instance and search the post URL there to see all the conversation.

Another nifty use for the search field: You can enter the URL of a profile or post into search to interact with it as the user you are logged in as.

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Searching works differently on than on . In general Mastodon searches will only find hashtags, making discoverability explicitly opt-in and cutting down on unwanted conflict/harassment.

One thing you can do to search your own older posts is use the to search your downloaded archive from within your browser. Instructions are on the page. If the post is still online, clicking the links in the search results will take you to the post's location. Enjoy!

Since fallback avatars are on a per-instance basis, this also means users browsing from this instance will be seeing the butterfly for all users without avatars, both on-instance and off-instance.

On the flip side, users on other instances will be seeing their server's fallback for any users without avatars--probably the smiling grey mastodon for mainline Mastodon instances, and the stylized home-on-a-field for those running Hometown.

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Now that we're getting new users, I'm extra happy I took the time to switch from the default fallback avatar to the instance logo. The default Hometown avatar is nice, but the butterfly on an ink bottle logo is even nicer to look at. :write_out:

New Blind users to Mastodon, thanks for the follows! If you need a screen reader friendly getting started guide, see

Had a smol crisis when I couldn't renew the Let's Encrypt certificate for the wiki domain. Turns out it was my old nemesis ipv6: I needed to set different addresses for the subdomains in AAAA records and edit the reverse domain lookups. So basically base ipv6 address and then ::1 for the root domain, ::2 for wiki, and ::3 for cal. After that renewal worked perfectly for wiki and --dry-run succeeded for all other domains, so hopefully there will be no problems down the road.

Oh hey @FrazzledBrynn you can now see your work in both favicon and larger view on this page! Showing off the great job you did for lower resolutions as well as the original :D

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emoji, gross 

:blobcat_sip_sweat: was rejected as an emoji shortcode for Reasons

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