response to an assignment in novel writing class 

I'm taking a novel writing class at college this semester, lmao. First assignment is to design a main character. I just wrote an entire historical fiction short story (~5000 words) about Thyra and Ulfhild, so my brain is still filled with lesbian Vikings.

Here is the sketch of the main character to fulfill the class assignment:

Thyra is a young Norse woman born well in a house of karls in the year 800ish. She grew up on a farm producing barley for commerce, though she spent much of her time in the garden with Mother producing beans, cabbage, and onions for the household to eat, and is known for her green thumb more than her cooking.

Thyra wouldn't dream of doing anything to displease her parents, which is why she adores troublemakers and envies their free-hearted ways. She thinks she was born better than some people, especially thralls, and her greatest fear is not losing status, but losing her parents' favor. She moves consciously through all spaces to avoid getting in the way of men. Thyra wants to stay small enough to fit in where nobody will notice her, except in the garden, where her stride grows long, her voice grows loud, and she doesn't mind telling thralls exactly what to do.

Like most young Norse women of any status, Thyra is married by the time she is thirteen; when given to the jarl's brother Skalde, she is fair-haired, tanned and freckled, and strong from her chores around the farm. She hates marrying Skalde and wishes that she'd been able to marry her rebellious childhood friend, Ulfhild.

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response to an assignment in novel writing class 


I thought about doing that but all I could find was generic "Creative Writing" courses.

I don't have time to write short stories and I just *know* that's what they're going to be. :)

response to an assignment in novel writing class 

@skimgoth This is so vivid and real.

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