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Any public post of mine can be boosted without asking me. Thank you for asking, though, but you don't need my permission to boost or otherwise share my posts. If it is public or unlisted, feel free to boost or share. Basically, if the boost button works, anyone can share any of my posts.

We should have the non-described media CSS properly added now!

Long post 

I’m posting to Mastodon via SMS just because I hate peanuts.

I love how most people provide alt text for their images. This is amazing and so helpful. Thank you everyone and keep using alt text!!!

US POL White replacement theory on the left 

He says it promotes a dystopian future in which White Americans and people of color are reduced to members of "mutually hostile tribes," politicians have little incentive to reach beyond their base, and many Whites panic over the fear of being permanently sidelined.

On Leaving Twitter Tomorrow Sunday 

Okay, I never followed up on this, and then I took a few days break (i'm still taking a break).

I dunno if anyone will actually delete their Twitter account tomorrow, and I was hoping more people would join.

I've downloaded my archive and am ready to pull the trigger, but I can't pull any more organizing on here. Because I'm going back on my break after this post.

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Thoughts on how cool it is that the heroine of the indie puzzle game Carto is nonspeaking, and how positively this fact is treated in the game:

Today is the last day of #FediVision2022

In two hours, 15:00 (3PM CEST), we'll make a thread presenting all the songs including a short interview of each of the artists.

Voting will close at 19:00 (7PM CEST, 5PM UTC), so be sure to cast your vote before then.

That means six (6) hours left to vote in!

The top five songs will be announced at 19:30.


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If you appreciate FediTips (and my other accounts @FediFollows & @FediVideos), you can make a donation at: :blob_cat_heart:

(It says euros but it accepts any currency, minimum donation amount is 1 euro.)

Really loving these songs! Haven’t voted yet, because there are so many good ones

The voting period has officially started, and will run from now until saturday afternoon.
Precise closing time will follow.

Voting works by mentioning this bot and writing "vote xxxx" where xxxx is the four letter code for the song you want to vote for.

The four letter codes can be found in square brackets in the playlist:

A description of the voting process is also available here:

Let the voting begin!

#FediVision #FediVision2022

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Listen to an audio book. There are lots of public domain ones here:

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