@weirdwriter Thanks!

Does Toot support dynamic type? I've installed so many unusable apps, I'm reluctant to pay for another one without explicit info about font sizes.

Metatext can't authenticate so I'm not able to login to my account. Some other apps failed too, no idea why.

I'm using Mercury right now. I can read messages ok, but it has several bugs I find annoying for much beyond that. Also several of its screens do not support dynamic type and are hard to read.

@feorlen I'd say no. I am not seeing, anywhere, that the app supports dynamic type at all. I am a totally Blind VO user, but I've put in a request to support dynamic type github.com/DagAgren/toot/issue

@weirdwriter Thank you! Now I can watch that issue too. Good to hear you have been successful with voice over.

I was using Amaroq, but it started crashing on launch.

I have Brutaldon for desktop, installed it on my own server when the original author stopped supporting it. Sadly, this is not a reasonable option for the average user.

One would think old, unsupported apps are a hobby of mine, I use EasyChirp in a browser for a desktop Twitter client.

It’s frustrating, that’s for sure.

@feorlen I love Easy Chirp and wish some other developer would make a similar kind of version for Mastodon. I guess Pinafore would fill that role? I use Metatext exclusively on iOS because none of the other apps come close. I know that works with dynamic type, but the developer could not keep up the app development, so I will continue to use it until it breaks on me or stops working.

@weirdwriter “continue until it breaks” sure is a thing.

I tried Pinafore a bit but landed on Brutaldon. The author added a large font theme, which I hacked on myself once I started self hosting. (Not polished enough to share yet, maybe one of these days.) It’s also possible to use it without JavaScript, which I appreciate.

I still don’t have a good grasp of front end dev, I’m much happier being in the guts of the server side. Getting Brutaldon running was an adventure.

@feorlen wondering if you saw the update to metatext? Metatext, Yesterday, - Fixed emoji placement on iOS 15 - Fixed notification ordering issue, Version 1.5.1 • 29.7 MB

@weirdwriter oh! Thank you for the info, I’ll give it a try again. That was one where I couldn’t login, maybe they have fixed something with that too. Would be lovely to get it working.

@feorlen One thing that may help is when you enter an instance URL, it will open your browser and authenticate. So if you want to log into Mastodon.social you would type Mastodon.social then select it, then it will authenticate with the browser. I would also recommend that you open links in your native browser and not the app browser

@weirdwriter I got Metatext working!

I’m not sure it had anything to do with the new version, however. To get through authentication, I had to start the login in the app, copy the URL, use that to sign in with Mobile Safari, then go back to the app and start the login process once more.

That was odd. But I can use the app now. Thank you!

@feorlen That's interesting! I just opened up the URL in Safari and hit authorize. I'm hoping someone will fork it and continue? But I don't even know if it is open source.

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