Tip on replying 

If replying to a thread with many people, it is easier to read if you include all the secondary people at the end of the message. This makes it easier to read on many people including screen reader users. For example.

Let's pretend I am replying to a thread with more than three recipiants. I want them to see the reply, too, but want to make it easier for others to read.

Instead of,

@mastodonuser@instance1 @mastodonuser@instance2 @mastodonuser@instance 3 that is a great idea!

It would be easier to read it if it were like this.

@mastodonuser@instance1 That is a great idea! I really like this toot a lot! @mastodonuser@instance2 @mastodonuser@instance 3

Same for hashtags. If hashtags are at the end, that makes Toots easier to read as well.

Tip on replying 

@weirdwriter For what reasons would you include hashtags in answers ? As it's not done automatically I almost never do I think.

Tip on replying 

@StrepsipZerg I'd say when the link or something has a broad appeal. Like, if you think someone would like to have X link but wasn't a part of the conversation.

Tip on replying 

@weirdwriter yup, and it clarifies which specific comment is being replied to. Just yesterday I had a completely different read on a thread than another person looking at it, depending on who was being replied to in the thread. And of course, if someone isn't actively participating in a thread and seems disinterested it's polite to drop them from the @'s to avoid clogging up their notifications.

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